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We offer brake rotors of different varieties and qualities to ensure you get the product that is right for you.

Here's a link to a site that explains Brake Rotor wear and what is causing any problems that you may have (and some you might not even know you had!).


Our Ultra and Autostar rotors are a great quality product that we have been carrying for the past 30+ years. Suitable for daily drivers as well as classics. Affordably priced, these rotors do not sacrifice braking integrity in order to suit your budget! Available on almost all applications, e-mail us today for a quote!


These rotors are for those serious about improving braking performance while extending brake pad and rotor life. 
All XtremeStop rotors are cross drilled and slotted for high performance. The precision design pattern of the holes vent away the super heated gases caused by braking, reducing operating temperatures by up to 200° F compared to standard OE rotors, and extending rotor and pad life by 35%! The ventilation of the gases and rainwater permit maximum contact between rotor and brake pad, allowing you to stop sooner.

Each and every XtremeStop rotor is zinc and electroplated to resist rust and last longer. The superior metal alloy used, combined with the precision design and drilling done by CNC, prevents micro-fractures that cause brake failure.

The slotted design constantly removes excess dust from the brake pad, maintaining a clean surface for maximum grip and quieter operation.