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We offer several other brake components for all of your braking needs.

- AFCO Manual Lever Locks
    -Popular with Tow-Trucks and drag racers needing to warm up their tires, our manual lever locks will lock up one of your axles.

- AFCO Electric Brake Locks

    -An electric version of our manual lever lock. Available with toggle or push button switch. 

- Rear Wheel ABS Dump Valves

Brake Proportioning Valves
    -Available for Disc/Disc and Disc/Drum Applications, we have several universal Valves, as well as a few model-specific varieties.

-Rotor Dust Caps

   -We stock a variety of sizes. Call with your inside dimension and we'll see if we can help. Sometimes these are the last piece to your "puzzle" and the hardest to find!

We also stock (but don't have pictures of yet); 

- Rear Wheel ABS Units

- Emergency Brake units

- Brake Lines

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