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Have you ever tried modifying a pedal made for a different application?
Have you even made one from scratch?

If you have, you know that it certainly is not easy!
If you haven't, then make it easy on yourself and choose from our wide
selection of pedals that are designed to original specifications and ready to bolt on. 

We have several vehicle-specific models, as well as various universal-fit units.

Universal Frame Mount Pedal Assembly - BK 104B

Frame mount
Manual brake pedal

10 lbs.

Universal Frame Mount Assembly - Early Ford Design - BK 106B / BK 109B
Universal frame mount pedal based on Ford's 1928-1931 design.
Also used in many other applications.
Approx. 10 lbs.

Universal Under-Dash Mount Pedal Assembly - BK 141B
Under dash mount
Approx. 8lbs

Chevy Car 1935-1936

Fits Chevy Car 1935-1936.
Frame mount assembly.
Approx. 8 lbs.
(not pictured)

Chevy Car 1949-1954

Fits Chevy Car 1949-1954
Frame mount assembly
Helps eliminate fitting issues!
Approx 10 lbs.

Chevy Truck 1947-1954

Fits Chevy Trucks 1947-1954
Frame mount assembly
Includes mounting bracket
Approx 8 lbs.

Chevy Truck 1955-1959 - BK 138B

Fits Chevy Truck 1955-1959
Frame Mount Assembly
Approx. 8 lbs

Chevy Impala 1955-1964

Fits Chevy Impala 1955-1964
Booster Bracket
3 lbs

Dodge / Plymouth 1965-1970 A Body

Fits Dodge/Plymouth 1965-1970 A-Body
Booster Bracket
4 lbs

Dodge / Plymouth 1965-1974 B & E Body - BK 101B

Fits Dodge/Plymouth 1965-1970 B & E-Body
Booster Bracket
4 lbs

Ford 1933-1934 - BK 110B/112B (Special Order Only)

Fits Ford 1933-1934
Approx. 7 lbs
(pictured with booster and master - available separately)

Ford 1935-1940 - BK 113B/114B

Fits Ford 1935-1940
Approx. 7 lbs

Ford 1941-1948

Fits Ford 1941-1948
Frame mount assembly
Approx. 6 lbs.

Ford Truck 1953-1956 - BK 124B

Fits Ford Truck 1953-1956
Frame mount assembly
Approx. 11 lbs.

Ford / Ford Truck 1957-1972 - BK 103B

Fits Ford 1957-1972
Booster Bracket
3 lbs.

Universal Pedal Pad
Circular tread design
1/2" -20 thread.
1 lb.